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Giant Resistance Tunnel

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Sensory Owl
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Have fun and play rivalry games with Giant Resistance Tunnel 

This gigantic tunnel is made of 100% high-resistance Lycra. It is very long and mid-wide so any adult or child has to perform cowling and squeezing while having fun. The main purpose of this tunnel is group play and exercise. You might need more than one to make rivalry games. Build the spirit of your pupils and teach them to work in groups. Or make it your family's favourite garden game. 

The giant resistance tunnel has 4 stripe holders - two on each side and it comes in 3 different bright colours. The giant resistance tunnel is really easy to wash and it dries very fast. 

Gigant Resistance Tunnel is perfect for schools and nurseries

Get your pupils more active and engaged in social interactions. Or build a secret tunnel for children in the nursery. Rivalry games are not about winning but about building relations between pupils and teachers and between each other is a real win. 


Length: 4 meters long

Diameter: 70cm  


This product is easy to care for. You can wash it even in cold water. Hand it over and let it dry. 

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